Rendition – Rye


Rendition, a five-year straight rye whiskey, is one of the newest (yet oldest!) additions to Wildwood Spirits Co.’s portfolio. Finished in barrels that previously housed the distillery’s award-winning bourbon, The Dark Door, Rendition unites aromas of citrus, cinnamon and baking spice with flavors of white pepper, mocha and vanilla for a lengthy, rich finish. The rye used in Rendition is harvested in Indiana and the spirit aged for nearly 5 years in the Midwest before making its way to Wildwood’s bourbon barrels. Rye is typically a very aggressive, or ‘hot’, spirit, with lots of spicy and savory notes; the months of additional aging in The Dark Door barrels softens these qualities, marrying them with the richness of bourbon, resulting in a delightfully smooth and refined rye experience.

Technical Data
Alcohol by volume: 45 percent
Substrate: 95% Rye /5% Barley Malt
Water: Reverse osmosis

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