• Dark Door – Delille Syrah

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    We’ve finished this batch of The Dark Door in a 2021 DeLille Cellars Syrah Barrel. This exclusive oak enhances our award-winning bourbon with notes of…
  • The 830 Club

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    The 830 Club is a spirits enthusiasts club that is so much more than extraordinary spirits; it is a shared experience of our passion and…
  • Läka – Gin

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    Distilled from the same botanicals of our award-winning Kur gin, including locally-sourced Douglas Fir and Braeburn apples, our Laka gin is a similar London Dry…
  • Dark Door – 5 Year

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    We aged The Dark Door bourbon for 5 years-- the specialty oak and extra time impart notes of vanilla, pralines, and white flowers to our…
  • Dark Door – Silver Oak Cab

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    We’ve finished this batch of The Dark Door in a hand-coopered American white oak barrel that previously housed Silver Oak’s acclaimed 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon. This…
  • Solgud – Orange Liqueur

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    Wildwood Spirit Co.’s versatile Solgud (Swedish for “sun god”) captures those rays in a sweet and spicy liqueur. Made with the zest of Seville oranges…
  • The Professor – Wheat

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    The Professor is an Irish-style whiskey made with Washington winter wheat and malt. Distilled three times before aging, it spends three years in American oak…
  • Ginnocence – N/A Gin

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    Ginnocence, our non-alcoholic gin, shines with all the classic flavors and aromas of its award-winning cousin, Kur gin. We like to say that Ginnocence has…
  • The Dark Door – Bourbon

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    The Dark Door bourbon is made using organic non-GMO corn, white wheat, and barley from Washington State. It is aged four years in new, high-char,…
  • Stark Vatten – Vodka

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    Our vodka, Stark Vatten (Swedish for “strong water”), is produced with Washington heirloom variety red winter wheat and pure, filtered Pacific Northwest water. The result…